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How To Pick Images That Will Make People Love Your Brand

Images tell stories. In fact, they tell stories so well that 65% of senior marketers feel that visual content is core to their strategy for telling brand stories online. Images tell stories and images convert readers, it’s that simple!

With great power, however, comes great responsibility. A recent study by the CMO Council has found that while you might recognize that images are important, you’re probably not being effective about getting everything you can out of visual content.

In layman’s terms? You know you need to use images. You just might not be thinking about how they fit into your wider discussions and strategies surrounding customer experience and engagement with your brand.

You might be picking random stock photos that are relevant to your posts, but not striking. You might be using images that aren’t resonating with the stories you’re trying to tell your audience. You might be choosing images with a mood that isn’t fitting your written content. You might be using the same old stock images your competition are using.

It’s pretty clear that visual content is not as simple as just picking a photo and being done with it. And by thinking it is, you could be failing to really tell your brand’s story online in a way that resonates with your ideal client!

Want to know how to up your visual content game? Here are 3 tips to get you started:

1. Bring Your Customer To Work With Behind The Scenes Images

Everybody loves to know what goes on behind the scenes, it’s natural human curiosity. Every brand has its ‘secrets’ and when you show your followers a glimpse of those secrets, it’s intriguing to them. Not only that, it makes them feel a part of the action, which makes them feel more familiar with your brand. Basically, BTS images are the bombdiggity!

A key thing for companies to ensure when using BTS images as part of their visual content strategy is that the images let followers see things about the business that aren’t usually available to them.

If it’s a designer clothing brand, behind the scenes of the next season being storyboarded or of manufacturing in the factory are things that should interest their customers. If it’s a sustainable and organic food brand, showcasing the careful and thoughtful manufacturing processes of their products would be valuable to their ideal consumer.

Think about what matters to your ideal client and then share images that explore those things, lifting the curtain on how your business works.  

2. Listen To Your Customers, Use Their Feedback To Highlight Your Value

While telling brand stories online can serve a variety of purposes, from building brand awareness to increasing resonance with target clients, central to all of this is demonstrating value to your customer. Even better if you’re inspired by customer feedback to create the images.

Take some time to do some social listening about your brand: how are customers using your product or serves; what stories are they telling about how your business fits into their lives? Once you’ve got this information, use it to create visual stories that effectively demonstrate your value to consumers.

If you’re an organic fruit supplier, and parents are using your produce to make delicious juices for their children, then share images that tell the story of families feeding their children healthy, local produce in creative ways.

If you have a workout subscription service and your clients are doing their workouts in fun places, in between meetings, or during nap time, use that information to create awesome, aspirational images that demonstrate the value of your service.

This is a great strategy for generating social media content that will resonate and inspire people to share, increasing your content’s reach.

3. Consider How Color & Tone Evoke Emotions
Color preference is a highly personal and subjective thing, there’s no doubt about it. While some people feel sunflower yellow is happiness in a color. Others find it to be a little...bright and jarring. Personal taste, cultural background, current mood are all things that can impact how a person to responds to a particular color or tone.

That might make choosing images for your content a major challenge, right? How do you please anyone? Not exactly. If you pay attention to how other brands use color and learn about color theory for marketing, you’ll see very quickly that there are clear patterns for how color can be used to evoke emotion in consumers. For example, red is representative of boldness, strength, and intensity while blue is associated with calm, stability, and serenity. When making choices about your images, consider color theory, and whether your choices are sending the message you want to your audience.

Picking the right images isn't all about color, though. There’s also the saturation of color, the tones in the shadows, how bright or dark the image is, and they all influence the way in which your brand story is read.

More Than Just Picking A Stock Photo

As you can see, visual content is about more than just picking a stock photo. It’s an important part of your brand strategy online and integral to how your business is perceived online. So when you’re thinking about picking visuals for your brand, remember these three things:

  • Bring Your Customer To Work With Behind The Scenes Images
  • Listen To Your Customers, Use Their Feedback To Highlight Your Value
  • Consider How Color & Tone Evoke Emotions

Need Help?

Don’t know where to start with visual content? Don’t know how to get a photographer to tell YOUR brand story with images? Don’t know how to integrate awesome images with social media strategy? Stop feeling confused and overwhelmed, get help instead. I help brands define their brand vision, create content that tells THEIR story, help them to articulate the vision to their graphic and web designers, and integrate it with an awesome social media strategy to build an audience of passionate and loyal clients and consumers.

Sound good to you? Get in touch.

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