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How To Make Your Pinterest Presence Explode

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest…the list of social media platforms your business should be on seems endless.  So which one is best for your business when you are strapped for time and need to get maximum results from a platform?
Enter Pinterest.
Pinterest is the fastest-growing social media site.  It had a 57% jump in members in 2014, currently has 176 million registered users (100 million of whom are considered active users), and boasts 2 billion searches per month. Pinterest ‘be banging’. I love Pinterest.
So what is Pinterest, exactly? In case you haven’t heard, Pinterest is a free social media platform that allows users to upload, save, and sort ‘pinned’ images into ‘boards’. It is a visual search engine with the capability to easily curate mood boards, storyboards for projects, collect inspiration, and to share your content.

Okay, Pinterest Is A Big Deal. But, Why Should You Care?  

Pins on Pinterest are 100 times more spreadable than a tweet, a pin’s life is 1,600 times longer than a Facebook post, and customers who see a product on Pinterest are 10% more likely to purchase that product.  Furthermore, each pin drives 2 site visits, 6 page views, is repined around 10 times, and is worth around 78 cents in sales.  In other words, using Pinterest to grow your brand is a no-brainer.
If you want to achieve the kind of engagement shown by the stats above, you have to go about it in the right manner. Need some help? Here are five tips to help you get your Pinterest on point, optimize your brand visibility, and grow your audience fast.

1.     Set Up A Business Account

This might sound like an obvious step, but it is an important one. A business account allows you to tap into vital marketing tools not available on personal accounts. Data is essential to helping you strategize and optimize your account to maximize growth.

It also allows you to use your business name, which lends credibility and provides a professional presence on the platform.

Tip: be sure to check out the terms of service, their guidelines for commercial use are different than the terms for personal use.

2.     Make Your Account Easy To Find

Make the account easy to find. This starts with an easy-to-spell, self-explanatory business name.  Keep your username between 3-15 characters and your business description as short as possible (under 200 characters) while still capturing your company’s mission.  Finally, you should include links to your website and other social media accounts to make your brand even easier to find.

3.     Make Sure Your Boards Reflect Your Business

Keep your boards on-brand. Pins should be focused on your business and boards should be filled with quality, useful, and interest pins. They should speak to your ideal audience, reflect their interests, and demonstrate that you understand them.

4.     Utilize Pin Captions To Increase Reach

Pinterest is a search engine. Just like Google, quality written content helps ensure that you get found. Make sure that you make good use of the Pin Caption box to provide a quality, keyword-rich description of what the Pin leads to.

A well-written caption makes it easier for people to find your pins. Not only that, people are significantly more likely to repin and click through when there is a comprehensive description in a pins details. Many people do not optimize their pin captions, so make sure you do it to get an edge over others on Pinterest!
5.     Make Your Content “Pinnable”
Add a “pin it” button to your website to make all of your content “pinnable”.  This simple addition increases crossover by allowing people to connect with and share your website content on their Pinterest boards. It is also an amazing way to drive traffic back from Pinterest to your website as people come across your pinned content.

You can bet that each pin increases the visibility of your business.  So be sure your website is visually appealing with plenty of pinnable material and “pin it” buttons on each image, video, and article.

6.     Engagement Is Key

Like any other marketing strategy aimed at growing your brand, engagement is key. Your goal should be to engage users on Pinterest, build relationships and gain new followers.  How can you accomplish this?  Strive for constant engagement with your target audience.  Spend time liking, commenting and pinning every day.  A few helpful tips include:
  • Post frequently – post between 5-30 new pins every day spread out throughout the day.
  • Respond to Comments – directly answer questions and respond to comments promptly. This includes reaching out and commenting on your followers’ pins.
  • Encourage user-generated content – user-generated content is typically more memorable and more trustworthy than other types of pins. Encourage community collaborations by inviting others to pin on open boards and instituting pinning contests.

7.  Make The Most Of Rich Pins

Rich pins are true to their name; they are pins rich with information. Rich pins are full of valuable information and are a great way to grow your brand with Pinterest.  There are six types of rich pins. Each allows marketers to add product details to the pin itself:
  • Place pins – place pins include an address, contact information, and/or a map
  • Movie pins – movie pins provide summaries, reviews, ratings, and cast lists.
  • Product pins – product pins include prices, purchase locations, and product availability
  • App pins – app pins are sometimes included under the product pins category; however, they are slightly different. App pins provide a description, ratings, and price of the application.
  • Article pins – article pins promote your blog posts by including the article’s title, description, author, and a direct link to your original site.
  • Recipe pins – recipe pins include serving info, cooking times, ingredients, etc.
Why should you use Rich pins? Each pin is chocked full of valuable information that will grow of your brand presence on Pinterest.  Case in point: brands that use Rich Pins have noticed an 82% jump in their repin to pin ratio. Plus, rich pins have the potential to increase sales (aka the ideal result of brand growth).

Now You Know How To Get Started With Hacking Your Pinterest Growth!

So now it is up to you.  Apply these tips to connect with customers, spread the word, increase your sales, and get people excited about your brand.  If you do, you’ll be well on your way to growing your brand with Pinterest.   Now that is definitely worth pinning about. Happy Pinning!

Need Help?

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