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Facebook Marketing Isn't Dead. You Just Have To Work Differently.

Facebook marketing isn't dead

Engagement dropping. Falling reach. Frustration with 'secret', ever-changing algorithm quirks. Crappy return on advertising and post boost investments. Feeling like you’re yelling into a vast ether where your content and hard work is lost. These issues are definitely frustrating for those of us marketing on social, no doubt about it. In my case, it makes me nostalgic for the days where a $5 ad spend could deliver me leads quickly and once delivered 3 clients and a total of $9000 worth of wedding photography bookings within a week. Ah, the good old days, indeed.

Yes, Facebook can definitely feel like too much hard work or that its value as a marketing channel for anyone without existing audiences or extremely deep pockets for ad spend has all but disappeared. Don’t give up yet, though. Facebook is not dead as a marketing channel. Far from it. You just need to learn to play the game a little differently, take a long hard look at your content strategy, and identify the ways in which you can better target that content to an audience that wants to engage.

Feeling lost? Overwhelmed? Don't Be. Facebook Marketing Ain't Dead Yet. Here's A Few Tips: 

1. Create Video Content.

I know. Video content seems so scary, but it doesn’t have to be. You don’t have to be Tarantino to create some great video content for your marketing channels. Keep it simple with some stop motion shorts or some cartoon/text .gifs. With video the leading trend in content marketing, with vastly higher rates of engagement, you can only win by experimenting new ways to entertain and draw in your audience!

Here are a couple of ideas to get you started:

  • A short video of your product being used in a recipe. 
  • A fun stop motion reminding them to pack your product (e.g. a bag packing video with beach essentials, featuring the product (a natural after-sun spray, perhaps). 

2. Utilize Audience Optimization.

Optimization was previously only really available for ads, but in January ‘16 Facebook introduced Audience Optimization for organic posts, as well. This means you can set preferred audiences and tag posts to optimize them and increase the likelihood of people interested in tagged subjects to see your content. The result? Better engagement with your content AND higher quality insights into who is seeing and responding to it in their feeds. Win, win!

3. Help Your Fans

Instead of just throwing ‘whatever’ up on your Facebook page, really think about what you’re trying to achieve. You want to have some fun, silly memes up there, for sure! But you also want to be helping them. Ideally, posts should be informative and answer questions that your target audience might be asking or even unaware they needed to ask! By being helpful, you build trust as well as educating them about what your business can do for them.

Basically? Be a resource, not a sales pitch.

Seriously. It's going to be fine! 

So, it might be harder work than it used to be, but Facebook definitely isn’t dead. Work on keeping up with content trends, research your audience, and provide them with relevant, informative, and entertaining posts. You’ll see results in no time!


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