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5 Content Marketing Ideas That Aren't Blog Posts

5 Content Marketing Ideas That Aren't Blog Posts

When people think about content marketing, they usually think of written content.

Of all the blog posts, all the time, every day.
 Write, write, write.
 Write all the content.
 Hire all the people to write all the blog posts.
 More blog posts, longer and louder blog posts.
 Blog posts, blog posts, blog posts.

And they aren’t entirely wrong; written content, particularly blog posts, should be the central tenet of any content marketing strategy.

But the thing about content marketing is this: it’s about the whole picture. Holistic, if you will.

Content is everything that you read, see, hear and watch.
That means your content strategy is not just about blog posts. Not tweets. Not just about infographics. Not just about...well...anything. It’s about the integration of various types of content to tell a story about your business.

 What’s more? Sometimes things you don’t even think of as content are really part of your canon of content for your audience. Thinking outside the box can make you realize how many things you can or are doing to reach out and deliver value to your audience.

Here’s ten awesome ideas for content marketing that aren’t blog posts.

Periodic Link Roundup 

If you’re anything like me, I bet you are constantly clipping things to your Evernote or Pocket accounts.

Instead of reading and deleting them or, worse, forgetting about them altogether (c’mon, you know you do!), how about creating a roundup of interesting things you’ve read/watched/heard that are related to your niche and deliver them to your email list weekly, biweekly or monthly?

It’s simple, just save things to pocket with a hashtag that’s specific to this newsletter and then put it together with a few thoughts from you about them. Easy and awesome!

Create A Mini Documentary 

People love to see a behind-the-scenes. No matter what you do, there’s something that will surprise or interest your fans.

Designer or retailer? Film short clips of your most recent buying trip and create a longer piece that tells the story of the trip to share.

Personal chef? Film clips of a trip to the farmers market on the search for the perfect local ingredients and then the process of cooking them with fun images of you and friends eating the end result.

There are many behind the scenes ideas to work with. They’re great for building buzz before a new launch!

Publish Tips Of The Day

Running out of ideas for Twitter or Instagram? Use your favorite platform to publish tips of the day related to your niche.

For example, if you’re a boutique herb company, publish tips on how to use and store your products.

Create a neat typography graphic with the tips and share away!

Create Documents

Instead of just publishing another blog posts, convert your ideas into a downloadable PDF or a mini eBook.

From checklists and packing guides to entertaining manuals and mini recipe books, there are so many ways to be creative with written content. Make sure that you’ve got beautiful images to take your ebook from basic to banging.

Set up a page to catch email opt-ins in return for the content - this is a tried-and-true method for building your email list!

Create A Community

User-generated content is great. It makes people feel a part of your brand and it works to promote you without you doing much at all!

Create a hashtag for your brand on Instagram (e.g J Crew’s shoe tag, #shinyponies) and encourage your fans to tag in images that feature your products or services.

Hopefully, these five ideas have got your creative juices flowing and thinking well beyond blog posts alone.

If you need help with your content marketing, particularly social engagement and brand photography, feel free to let us help you out!


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