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Three Tips To Up Your Instagram Game Today

I love Instagram. I have been a user since 2011 and while I’ve taken breaks from the platform at times (read: new motherhood, pregnancy, occasional social media burnout), it’s definitely tied with Pinterest as my favorite social platform when it comes to learning about others, getting inspired and making connections with people who interest me.

The fact that it’s the fastest-growing social media platform (nearly 30% of Americans are registered on the platform) and it has crazy-high engagement (over 4%, which is HUGE!) also makes it one of my favorite marketing tools. I’ve blogged before about how integral visual content is to marketing and Instagram is all about visuals. With all this said, lots of people are spinning their wheels on Instagram and getting nowhere. Beautiful images, while important, are not enough to get found on the platform.

Today I am going to share three quick things you can do to up your Instagram game today and boost that engagement!

Three Tips To Up Your Instagram Game Today

Do Your Hashtag Research

Research what hashtags your ideal audience are using. Not your competition but rather the people you want engaging with your brand. See what hashtags they’re using (and ones that they are responding to, as well) and use the ones relevant to each image in your caption or the first comment of your image. Make sure to do this as soon as you post to maximize the impact of your hashtag research!

Add A Location Tag

According to Simply Measured, adding a location to your post can drive up to 79% more engagement with your post. That’s huge! This is a great and oh-so-easy way to make it easier for people who are likely to be interested in your content to find you. So if you are a photographer doing a shoot at a local park, be sure to add your location to posts to make sure that others who are looking at the location or like playing there with their families see you!

Bonus points: look at the photos taken at that location and engaging with those images.

Tag Accounts Relevant To Your Photo (& Goals)

A lot of big brands on Instagram regram images from users who love their products. This can drive engagement to your account in addition to building your status as an online authority.

  • Are you a stylist? Take a photo of items you love at J Crew and then tag them. ]
  • Are you a nutritionist? Take photos of some of your highly-recommended products and tag them. 
  • Are you a restaurant? Style some of your food with local artisan products and then tag them. Reciprocal tagging can attract your ideal audience. 

There are obviously many other strategies for you to integrate into your Instagram marketing plan and I do plan to blog about these soon however if you want to see a really quick boost these perfectly safe strategies will no doubt help you reach a wider audience faster than you can say ‘gram it’.

Have you got any quick tips that help bump up your engagement on Instagram? What’s worked and what hasn’t?

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